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A wound that persists for months or years needs specialized care. Metro Foot & Ankle Specialists has a record of success with healing even the most difficult wounds. Dr. Owolabi has vast experience in dealing with wounds due to all causes, on the legs and feet. Poor circulation, diabetes, pressure, immobility, and venous insufficiency often result in wounds that do not respond to ordinary treatment. Problem wounds can also complicate the treatment of other conditions such as heart, lung, and kidney disease. Metro Foot & Ankle Specialists has developed proven, successful treatment plans individualized to fit the needs of all patients.

Dr. Owolabi also has access to an extensive experience using the latest wound care products such as skin grafts, skin substitutes, collagens, and specialized dressings promote healing of chronic wounds. After getting the wounds healed, he utilizes a number of different tools to help keep the wounds closed and prevent new wounds from occurring.

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